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NI Multisim Educational Product Features

Engage students and reinforce theory with the easy-to-use, interactive, hands-on approach of Multisim. Multisim is a teaching environment that combines intuitive schematic capture and simulation with advanced teaching functionality. Use the following chart to compare Educator and Student editions of Multisim and NI Ultiboard. Please note that this is not a comprehensive feature list. Access more information about features and functions.

Multisim Schematic Capture

Feature Students Educators
Customizable user interface
Screen-capture utility
Ability to view and respond to embedded questions
Forward/backward annotation with Ultiboard
Virtual NI ELVIS I/II series schematic
Virtual NI ELVIS II toolbar (with NI ELVISmx installation)
3D breadboarding environment
Programmable logic device (PLD) schematic to VHDL
Fast-retrieval parts bins
Simple part placement and wiring
Rubber banding on part move
Autowiring and manual wiring
On-page connectors
Fast autoconnect passives
PLD components and connectors
Ability to create and edit embedded questions
Spreadsheet view
Ability to zoom to selected part
Multisheet designs
Device library (number of components) 5,255 14,697
Allowed maximum components in design 50 Unlimited


Multisim Circuit Simulation

Feature Students Educators
Interactive simulation
Fully mixed-mode A/D simulation
PSpice model simulation1
Virtual, interactive, animated parts
Simulation Advisor
Convergence Assistant
Virtual, interactive, animated parts
Mouse-click support for interactive parts
Rated components
Ability to insert faults into components and circuits
NI measurement data file sources
NI measurement data file export
Grapher and post processor
RF design kit
Circuit Wizards
Description box synched with simulation
Ladder diagrams/components
Model makers
Load and save simulation profiles
Automation API
Virtual instruments 22 22
Analyses 12 20
Integrated NI ELVIS instruments 8 8
Cosimulation of MCUs2

1 Does not support all Cadence PSpice syntax

2 Access more information on the features of the Multisim MCU functionality.


Multisim Analysis

Feature Students Educators
AC Single Frequency
DC Operating Point
DC Sweep
Monte Carlo
Nested Sweep
Noise Figure
Parameter Sweep
Temperature Sweep
Worst Case
Pole Zero
Trace Width
Transfer Function
User Defined


Multisim Simulation Driven Instruments

Feature Students Educators
2-Channel Scope
4-Channel Scope
Function Generator
Bode Plotter
Current Probe
Measurement Probe
Frequency Counter
Word Generator
Logic Converter
IV Analyzer
Logic Analyzer
Network Analyzer
Spectrum Analyzer
Distortion Analyzer
NI ELVISmx: Digital Reader
NI ELVISmx: Digital Multimeter
NI ELVISmx: Oscilloscope
NI ELVISmx: Function Generator
NI ELVISmx: Variable Power Supply
NI ELVISmx: Arbitrary Waveform Generator
NI ELVISmx: Dyanamic Signal Analyzer
Agilent Function Generator
Agilent Multimeter
Agilent Scope
Tektronix Scope

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