Measurements and Instrumentation Teaching Demos

All engineered systems require measurement and sensing. However, foundational concepts behind accurate data acquisition, including signal processing, frequency domain representation, and properly constructing a measurement system of sensors and actuators, can be challenging for students. Explore how experiential learning gives students a long-lasting knowledge of these important concepts.

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Frequency Domain

Strengthen your students’ understanding of the frequency domain with an intuitive sound engineering experience.

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Biomedical Engineering Instrumentation

Biomedical engineering students need to learn not only about physiology but also how to properly design measurement and instrumentation systems. See one example of how to do both.

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Sensor Fundamentals

Show students that they can use the same measurement device with different signal conditioning to measure multiple types of sensors, thus bringing sensor theory to life.

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NI hardware, software, and courseware are used in engineering curriculums around the world. Read more about the ways that educators are bringing hands-on learning into the classroom.

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