Controls and Mechatronics Teaching Demos

Mechatronics lives at the intersection of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. And students are expected to have instrumental understanding of the fundamental concepts in each area and how they integrate within complex systems. Increase the rate at which students discover concepts and build real-world solutions with an ecosystem of hardware, software, and courseware for mechatronics.

  1. Explore controls and mechatronics hardware

Explore Teaching Demos

PID Control

Guide students through complete controls design, from theory to simulation to implementation.

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Communication Protocols

Give students the experience necessary to make design decisions and implement communication protocols into systems.

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Motor Types

Give students experience learning the various types of electrical motors so that they learn to choose the right option for their designs.

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Machine Vision

Teach students to use cameras and vision algorithms in engineering.

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User Solutions

NI hardware, software, and courseware are used in engineering curriculums and research laboratories around the world. Read more about the ways that educators and researchers are increasing their rate of discovery with NI tools.

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