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Students sometimes have difficulty understanding communications topics such as QPSK and FM demodulation because the theory, advanced formulas, and the relation to practical applications are often disconnected. With access to real-world signals, communications courses can be more than just math, homework, and simulation. Through experiential learning using integrated hardware, software, and courseware, students can make firsthand connections between theory and implementation.

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FM Demodulation

Help students reinforce theories such as demodulation, bandwidth, and Carson’s rule.

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Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying

Guide students to experiment with real-world, over-the-air communication schemes and reinforce modulation concepts such as symbol mapping, upsampling, and pulse shaping.

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Pulse Shaping

Show students how pulse shaping saves money and makes digital wireless feasible.

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NI hardware, software, and courseware are used in engineering curriculums around the world. Read more about the ways that educators are bringing hands-on learning into the classroom.

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