Academic Software Downloads for 2013 to 2015 Versions


This page provides access to the individual software environments, toolkits, and modules included in the purchase of Academic Site License versions 2013 to 2015. As of fall of 2015, all Academic Site License software is available in a single installer, the Software Platform Bundle Installer.

Use the Software Platform Bundle Installer

Software Downloads

Many downloads include a downloader file to increase the transfer speed of the software and the ability to resume a download if interrupted. After the file is installed, your software download begins.

Note: If you install any of the service packs below without a software license, the new version will not work and you will need to reinstall your original version of LabVIEW.

LabVIEW Development Environment

  August 2015 August 2014 August 2013
LabVIEW Development System 32-Bit: English 1.33 GB 1.35 GB 1.31 GB
Localized Versions
LabVIEW Development System 32-Bit: French 1.40 GB 1.43 GB 1.37 GB
LabVIEW Development System 32-Bit: German 1.40 GB 1.43 GB 1.37 GB
LabVIEW Development System 32-Bit: Korean 1.40 GB 1.42 GB 1.37 GB
LabVIEW Development System 32-Bit: Chinese 1.40 GB 1.43 GB 1.37 GB
LabVIEW Development System 32-Bit: Japanese 1.41 GB 1.44 GB 1.38 GB

Application-Specific Toolkits/Modules

  August 2015 August 2014 August 2013
Core Engineering
LabVIEW Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit 296 MB 285 MB 263 MB
LabVIEW VI Analyzer Toolkit 86.3 MB 84.3 MB 82.8 MB
LabVIEW SignalExpress 975 MB 942 MB 938 MB
NI LabWindows/CVI Full Development System 1.28 GB 572 MB 566 MB
LabWindows/CVI Execution Profiler N/A N/A 138 MB
NI Measurement Studio Enterprise Edition for Visual Studio 1.25 GB N/A 1.32 GB
NI TestStand N/A 679 MB 669 MB
Measurements and Data Management
LabVIEW DataFinder Toolkit N/A N/A 116 MB
LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit for Microsoft Office 83.2 MB 81.3 MB 81.0 MB
LabVIEW Database Connectivity Toolkit 82.6 MB 80.6 MB 78.8 MB
NI DIAdem Professional 720 MB 731 MB 670 MB
LabWindows/CVI SQL Toolkit 79.4 MB N/A 32 MB
LabVIEW Biomedical Toolkit N/A 604 MB 541 MB
Control and Robotics
LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation Module 475 MB 537 MB 398 MB
LabVIEW myRIO Toolkit 2.66 GB 2.5 GB 1.7 GB
LabVIEW System Identification Toolkit N/A N/A 136 MB
NI Vision Development Module 1.70 GB N/A 1.15 GB
LabVIEW PID Control and Fuzzy Logic Toolkit N/A N/A 84.4 MB
LabVIEW Robotics Module 281 MB 279 MB 278 MB
LabVIEW Statechart Module 96.4 MB 97.8 MB 96.4 MB
LabVIEW NI SoftMotion Module 269.4 MB N/A 106 MB
NI Motion Assistant N/A N/A 453 MB
LabWindows/CVI PID Toolkit N/A N/A 23 MB
Real-Time and Embedded
LabVIEW Real-Time Module 991 MB 1 GB 861 MB
NI Real-Time Execution Trace Toolkit N/A N/A 246 MB
LabVIEW FPGA Module 414 MB 404 MB 358 MB
LabVIEW FPGA Xilinx Tools N/A N/A 205 MB
LabWindows/CVI Real-Time Module 534 MB 724 MB 696 MB
LabVIEW Electrical Power Suite N/A N/A 90 MB
LabVIEW Touch Panel Module N/A N/A 238 MB
LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control (DSC) Module 803 MB 795 MB 802 MB
NI VeriStand 1.14 GB 1.19 GB 1.22 GB
Communications and Signal Processing
LabVIEW MathScript RT Module 341 MB 333 MB 345.9 MB
LabVIEW Modulation Toolkit 530 MB N/A 329 MB
LabVIEW Digital Filter Design Toolkit 135 MB 133 MB 124 MB
LabVIEW Multicore Analysis and Sparse Matrix Toolkit N/A 143 MB 142 MB
LabVIEW Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit 224 MB 298 MB 157.5 MB
NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite 1.41 GB N/A 1.33 GB
LabVIEW Adaptive Filter Toolkit N/A N/A 80.5 GB
LabVIEW GPU Analysis Toolkit (32-bit) N/A 89 MB 86.9 MB
LabWindows/CVI Signal Processing Toolkit N/A N/A 57 MB
Circuit Design and Simulation
NI Circuit Design Suite Evaluation (Multisim and Ultiboard) 693 MB N/A 152 MB

 The mark LabWindows is used under a license from Microsoft Corporation. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Hardware Drivers

  August 2015 August 2014 August 2013
NI Device Drivers
NI Device Drivers DVD 2.5 GB N/A 3.24 GB
NI-DAQmx 2 GB N/A 1.60 GB
NI-RIO 4.6 GB N/A 2.46 GB
NI ELVISmx 1.7 GB N/A 1.57 GB

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